What We Recycle!

School projects, art and craft, home decorations will be incomplete without thermocol. Thermocol is also utilized in building materials including pipe insulation and sheating. The widely pronounced name, Thermocol, Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene foam is nothing but the light weight, buoyant, 95% air blown polystyrene. However, its strength turns to be obstacle when it comes to waste management. Being light weight, it blows with wind and being water it floats on water, effecting our ecosystem.

For any organiser of party, function or get-together, disposable utensils for food are life saviour because we don’t have to clean or collect it back because it saves time and money. The containers are commonly used to serve takeout food from restaurants, and are also available by request for diners who wish to take the remainder of their meal home.A foam food container is a disposable container for various foods, including beverages. Food types may be processed (instant noodles), raw (meat from supermarkets), or cooked (delicatessen).

Foam peanuts, also known as packing peanuts, styrofoam popcorn or packing noodles are a common loose-fill packaging and cushioning material used to prevent damage to fragile objects during shipping. They are shaped to interlock when compressed and free flow when not compressed. They are roughly the size and shape of an unshelled peanut and commonly made of expanded polystyrne foam. Two to three inches (50–75 mm) of peanuts are typically used for cushioning and void filling packaging applications

The number of toys and home appliances are infinite and so are the type of materials used. Polystyrene is also used in toys, and the housings of things like hairdryers, computers, and kitchen appliances

Polystyrene petri dishes and other laboratory containers such as test tubes and microplates play an important role in biomedical research and science. For these uses, articles are almost always made by injection molding, and often sterilized post-molding, either by irradiation or by treatment with ethylene oxide.